What Are The Points To Be Taken Into Consıderation While Choosing Wondow And Door?

The Windows and the doors cause one fourth of your house’s heat to be lost. The heat loss is reduced fifty-fifty with the Windows having double-glazing or thermo pane. A study, which has been conducted, reveals that 88% of existing building stock is consisted of single-glazed Windows in Turkey. However, today it is possible to save 72% of heat with double-glaze with Low-E saving technology, compared to the single-glaze. This saving is not only effective in winter, but also in summer it provides saving also in terms of air conditioner operation in summer, especially in houses with air conditioner. Therefore, the construction materials with high saving rates should be preferred. The tightness of the Windows and doors is important in terms of heat loss. In order to determine the locations which leak air, if a burning candle is moved on the side of the Windows, and if the candle’s flame moves right and left, it means that there is a leakage on these parts. Weather strips and sponges should be used in order to prevent the air leakages. In addition, the details of mounting should be examined by the manufacturer vendor. In recent days, with the technological developments, heat losses are determined through thermal cameras. In winter season, the curtains on the windows, that takes the sunlight directly, must be kept open, and the others must be kept closed. As the long curtains prevent the heat flow of the radiators, attention should be given on the length of the curtains. In respect to joinery window options, particularly Professional workmanship is important as Well as the material options. Therefore, when making a selection, it is necessary to work with expert persons in this field. You may have a better quality use possibility through the special manufactured window options which shall be prepared according to the measures to be taken from your usage area. It is our strategic duty and responsibility to increase the quality of ASAŞ’s vendors through the periodic vendor audits.

  • The products manufactured from profiles with TPV grey seals should be used.
  • Secondary glazing or three- glaze applications should be used according to the climate conditions of the region you live in.
  • The models suitable for the decorative nature of the space you live in.
  • It should not be forgotten also the preferability of wooden-like models in convenience with the decoration of the space you live in.
  • It should be considered that it shall be used for a long time, window and door selection should be made by investigating its quality and aesthetic structure.
  • The products which are manufactures by wider profiles should be preferred for large door and window applications.

Necessary Features of A Quality Window

Quality windows should certainly be preferred, in order to protect a house successfully against all factors which affect the living spaces negatively such as rain, snow, wind, cold weather and hot weather. It is important to pay attention on some points in order make a window selection in this way, it must be ensured that a quality glass is selected paying attention to issues such as:

  • The distance between the indoor and outdoor surfaces of the window as profile width
  • Heat insulation features
  • Sound insulation
  • Air permeability
  • In terms of glass quality; Argon gassed glazes –Low-e/Solar Low-e
  • Number of chambers
  • Air permeability
  • Resistance class