Raw Material Mixture Automation

Preparation of our raw materials are performed in full automation mixer. Selection of raw material and automation is VERATEC’s prominent feature. In the mixture, particularly which is prepared by using Europe-originated raw materials, PVC, Stabilizer, impact, titanium and calcite is used as five different raw materials.

The formulations which are prepared as full automated without being touched by hand, are mixed in batch/lot prepared by weighing one by one with 300 gr. Precision, and after mixer this dry mixed raw material is extracted to the silos, and sent to the extruders. Daily, a dry mixture of up to average 150 tones can be prepared.

VERATEC, which always aims to provide the best quality to its customers, designs the production processes so as to provide the users the best experience. Therefore, VERATEC, which is among the rare firms that use the acrylic impact modifier substance in Turkey, avoids the profile breaks caused by seasonal changes in its products. Yellowing is prevented by using special titanium substance in the mixtures prepared for hot countries. Another important feature of VERATEC is the production of the brightest profile of sector by using precipitated calcite instead of natural calcite.