Veratec R&D

VERATEC R&D has been established in April, 2015.

One of the 4 directorates affiliated to ASAŞ R&D Centre is VERATEC’s Directorate of R&D. VERATEC’s Directorate of R&D performs works on services, processes and products which create added value for its shareholders.

VERATEC, operating in a rapidly changing, dynamic sector in respect of technic and economy;

Commits itself to reach to the era’s requirements by following the today’s technology with its team which it has as R&D. It becomes a part of life-long learning, idea and Project management, cooperation management and intellectual asset management. We, as VERATEC R&D, adopt information sharing, and we aim to make contribution to the sector with our published articles.

In order to meet the changing demands of the humanity with developing technology, our R&D team designs new products, provide solutions by developing the most suitable and high quality processes. Developing customer satisfaction-focused, environment-friendly, innovative products constitutes our main principle. As VERATEC R&D, the patent application is made with the outputs after searches.

Today, use of Windows systems based on aluminium and PVC serial production took the place of woodworks, and became widespread. At this point, it can be said that it has important factors such as maintainability, resistance against external factors, colour and texture variety, economy, accessibility, common use, availability of standard serial production products. Additionally, wide-range solutions for water and air tightness of PVC windows, are among the preference reasons. Becoming deformed is unavoidable for the Windows as a result of the effects they expose to. The necessary studies are being made to ensure the windows to operate with long-life and with the first day’s performance by focusing on matters such as the required flexibility, calculation of the wind-load resistance based on the location.

As VERATEC R&D, we calculate the thermal conductivity (U-value) by thermal simulation method, in order to provide always the best to our customers. The endurance calculations of the products are also performed within our structure.