What Are The Points To Be Taken Into Consıderation About Heat Insulation?

Today, the windows serve as a transparent structural component. In recent years, use of double-glazed windows became spread, and thermopanes started to be used. If the heat loss is 100 with single-glazed windows, it is 50 for double-glazed windows and it reduces to approximately 2 with Solar Low-e thermopanes. Solar Low-e glasses are very advantageous as they reflect the heat into the room and reduce the heat loss by radiation.

How is the heat loss prevented on windows?

Heat loss is reduced to almost zero on PVC casings and joineries. Heat loss can be prevented.

Joineries and Casings

In recent years, use of PVC casings and joineries have been effective for preventing heat losses.


The louvers are generally preferred to be protected from the sun radiations, but use of double-glazing, aluminium or PVC louvers are important factors in terms of reducing the heat loss. It is determined that the heat loss is reduced 50% on the windows which double-glazing and louvers are used.


The curtains are effective in respect of the increase of heat loss due to misuse, if the heat loss is 100% on the window without curtain, and in case the curtain is long so as to close the radiator then the heat loss increases 40% and reaches to 140%. If the curtain is as long as the window size and closer to the window, then the closed volume generated between the curtain and window resists against the heat transfer, and heat loss decreases 10%, thus reduces to 90%.