What Are The Points To Be Taken Into Consıderation About Sound Insulation?

If the reflection of the progressive sound waves within the medium is prevented, so its progression is also prevented. The sound wave losses its energy on the medium it strikes, and if it cannot progress then this event is named as absorption of the sound. It is necessary to make good selection in respect to the used material, in order to the sound to be absorbed on the medium it strikes.


Benefits of the sound insulation

Sound insulation reduces the noise pollution, also provides a comfortable life. Thus, the coating materials, technological paints, and thin and mirrored glasses intended for sound insulation are used in most of the new buildings. In this way, the living spaces are protected from the undesirable sounds. The features and the forms of use may vary depending on the type and size of the noise.

The sound insulation of the Windows is ensured with:

1-Dimensions of the window

2-Choice of profile system

3-Structure and form / deformation of the seal

4-Glass choice

5-Mounting details of joinery

6-Wall – window details

7-Casing – sash details of the window.

Therefore, you must work certainly with its manufacturer and qualified vendors.