* R&D Centre: ASAŞ is the first company having its own R&D Centre in its sector. VERATEC’s Directorate of R&D is the one of 4 directorates affiliated to R&D Centre. VERATEC’s Directorate of R&D performs works on services, processes and products which create added value for its shareholders.

 * YAK: On-Site Immediate Quality (YAK) is the team work which is consisted of the relevant departments’ members, the complaints from the customers are evaluated dynamically, problems are solved rapidly, and root-cause analyses are performed. It is implemented simultaneously at various levels such as line, department and factory YAK.

 With the consideration as “Problems may be understood only if they are analyzed at the point they occur and with the actual parts”, YAK is an approach which:

  • We act with the awareness to prevent the dissatisfaction which the unsolved problems may generate on the next process and on the customer,
  • Focuses on the internal and external customer satisfaction,
  • The communication is provided between the processes, and internal and external customers,
  • We become aware of the aspects which are open to development by paying attention to the voice of customers.

* Quality of the raw material: Birghtness, uv resistance, flexible structure which is not easily broken with potantial strengths are the main feautes of the raw material.

 * Product range: It has 13 different systems which the width varies between 52 mm and 120 mm, the number of chambers vary from 2 to 6. It has 332 pieces PVC profile forms in total. It provides flexibility to its users with its wide range of products which meets the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets. As well as its product range, it offers various options to architects and engineers, as well as end users with also its paste colour and seal range in projects.

 * After sales support: The feedbacks, which are obtained by both authorized manufacturer vendor and end user visits, are recorded in the system, and followed up regularly on platforms such as coordination meetings, YAK, etc., and active corrective activities are performed. Both vendor trainings and control visits are performed with after-sales support department.