Maxi Plus 80 mm

The choice of the ones who desires more comfort and aesthetics together with high heat and sound insulation: Maxi Plus 80mm.

  • To ensure maximum sound and heat insulation, it is possible to be used with quality glass between the range of 4, 20, 24, 28, 34, 40mm.
  • By means of profiles with 6 chambers of 80 mm, it provides comfort and saving advantage by ensuring high level insulation.
  • In addition to White profile colours, there are also cream and grey casing options. There are inclined and ovoid designed profile surface options.
  • It offers different appearance possibility with its flat sash and fluted sash applications.
  • It provides wall – joinery connection integrity with aesthetic appearance on the inner surface with the groined case profile.
  • The profile details are designed so as to provide resistance to against the wind load on the high-rise buildings.
  • By means of self-sealed profile, it provides rapid production advantage.
  • For the doors, there are heat insulated aluminium sill options which provides lower application opportunity.
  • As it is quality, smooth and high glossy, it is easy to be cleaned.
Product Dimensions:

  • Profile Width: 80 mm
  • Number of Chambers: with 3, 5, 6 chambers
  • Profile Class: B class
  • Seal System: Interior / exterior seal /li>
  • Seal Type / Colour: TPE / Colour: Black or grey
  • Glass Thickness: 4, 14, 20, 24, 28, 29, 34, 40mm

Application Options

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