Inova Sliding System

High insulation and sealing...

Inova new generation insulated sliding system provides high insulation and sealing performance in the spaces, as well as providing a wider living space thanks to its new design.

  • By combining wide and modern living spaces with full security with its new design, it creates large spaces where you can live in peace.
  • It offers a wide and uninterrupted view thanks to its large glass surfaces.
  • You can create a comfortable living space by combining your patio and garden, your living room and terrace, and making them a common living space.
  • Thanks to the reinforced static reinforcement profiles, it may be used safely in large and high-rise structures.
  • It has excellent pressure and locking points thanks to its imported accessory equipment specially designed for this system.
  • Thanks to the barrel locks in handle applications both from inside and outside, offered among innovative accessory mechanism options, it provides the possibility to use the door as the main entrance door of the building by locking the door from inside and outside.
  • It provides high heat and sound (acoustic) insulation thanks to the specially designed gaskets located on the inside and outside.
  • It provides maximum safety and performance thanks to the locking and pressure mechanism surrounding the sash profile with the maximum dimensions of 1500 X 2500mm according to the sash lamp dimensions.
  • The espagnolette screwed to the aluminum profile specially designed for the sash profile provides excellent pressure and superior security by the strike plate with full security special for this system and all of the screws applied on the strike plates scresash the specially designed box support sheet.
  • It provides strong pressure and full security thanks to the fact that the screws applied to the pinned mushroom head puller part specially designed for the rear locking side and to the secure strike plates contact the support plate.
  • It provides full pressure to the outer gasket, thanks to the fact that all the screws applied to the guide centering parts located on the top side of the sash and to the specially designed aluminum upper rail guide profiles contact the support plate.
  • Maximum performance is achieved by applying pressure on external closure and internal sash gaskets on the lower rail just as on the upper rail thanks to the rail guide wheels located on the underside of the sash and specially designed aluminum profile that moves on these wheels.
  • Pinned puller parts used for the espagnolette installed on the sash, upper horizontal guide wheel, lower horizontal rail wheel and rear locking elements are screwed to the support sheet.
  • Thanks to the specially designed espagnolette strike plate, you may provide ventilation only by moving the sash 4mm to the inside when you bring the sash lever in the closed position to a position parallel to the ground.
  • You can increase or decrease the pressure settings according to the weather and climate conditions with the special adjustment key on the pins on the espagnolette.
  • It provides maximum performance with its aluminum closure profile newly designed as suitable for the bottom case.
  • The sash’s upper guide and lower guide rail wheels operating on the case provide a comfortable and convenient operation by moving forward / backward by 8mm with the semi circular movement of the espagnolette.
  • It is possible to stop at the desired point during the movement of the sash profile on the rail by moving the handle to the closing position.
  • In addition to reinforced case and locking elements, it is possible to provide high-level static with aluminum closure profile reinforced with chambers instead of a PVC sash closure.
  • Opening, closing and sliding the sash to the right and left is very comfortable and convenient thanks to the new design.
  • Thanks to the innovative accessory equipment, you can open and close it comfortably with soft movements thanks to the stopper wedges that prevent hard bumps while opening and closing the sash.
  • Specially designed laths are available with many alternatives such as 24mm (with oval and flat alternatives), 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 44mm, 50mm.
  • Production and assembly is very easy and convenient.