Maxi Empire 120

This system which is designed foreseeing the climate conditions and user needs in Holland, offers solutions with outstanding performance on the higher spans of the villas and high-rise buildings.

  • To ensure maximum sound and heat insulation, it is possible to be used with quality glass between the range of 4, 20, 24, 28, 34, 40mm.
  • By means of profiles with 5 chambers and of 120 mm, it provides comfortable living spaces and saving opportunity by ensuring heat, sound, dust, water insulation.
  • In addition to white profile colours, there are also cream and grey casing options.
  • It has a non-retentive inclined outer surface.
  • It offers flexible design opportunities for the projects in need of high profile resistance, with the use of expended plate.
  • Maxi Empire Series provides an insulation performance beyond expectations in high-rise buildings, while complying with the architecture of the buildings perfectly.
  • For the doors, there are heat insulated aluminium sill options which provides lower application opportunity.
Product Dimensions:

  • Profile Width: 120mm
  • Number of Chambers: with 5 or 6 chambers
  • Profile Class: B class
  • Seal System Interior / exterior seal
  • Seal Type / Colour: TPE / Colour: Black or grey
  • Glass Thickness: 4, 14, 20, 24, 28, 29, 34, 40mm

Product Performance:

  • Profile Heat Transfer Coefficient: 1,5 W/m².K
  • Glass Heat Transfer Coefficient: 31(-1,-6)
  • Window Heat Transfer Coefficient: 1,5 W/m².K
  • Air Permeability: 4
  • Water Isolation: E750
  • Wind Load Resistance: : C5/B5
  • Acoustics Performance: 31[-1,-6]

Application Options

Please click on in order to see the PDF document which contains the application options related with the products.