Ce Marking

CE Mark and window performance

The CE mark on the windows is a marking attached on the products, which the responsibility fully belongs to the manufacturer in order to provide the free movement of the products in Turkish and European markets pursuant to Directive 89/106/EEC on Construction Materials.

The manufacturer vendors of window and door systems have to mark their products which they manufacture with CE pursuant to TS EN 14351–1 + A1:2012 standard published and came into effect in 2006, implementations started in 2007, and transition period is ended in February 2010.

VERATEC fulfils the responsibility to deliver the FÜK and Technic File to its vendors and/or manufacturers with a signed contract in terms of CE mark. Vendors and/or distributors may use the results of ITT which have been performed in approved institutions, only if they produce in accordance with the FÜK and Technic File. The responsibilities of the vendors are:

  • To supply products which are in compliance with the technical legislation and safe, to the market
  • When necessary, to test by taking samples from the products supplied to the market, to investigate the complaints
  • To inform the distributors on the results of the audits
  • To take necessary measures for recalling and disposing the products
  • To keep the documents related with the product

The tests which are necessarily written under CE mark about the window’s performance are as following:

  • Resistance to wind load
  • Water tightness
  • Operating forces
  • Load bearing capacity of the safety mechanisms
  • Acoustics performance
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Air permeability
  • Hazardous substances

In this tests it is aimed to prove the features such as heat insulation, energy saving, protection from noise, and long lifetime. These features provides benefits such as health and economy to the customers directly.