Lamination and Arch Bending


Coating is carried out with 13 different colours and patterns which are within VERATEC’s standard product range in order to provide a different appearance for PVC profiles and make contribution to the aesthetics of the buildings. Using hot polyurethane and adhesive; the PVC-based laminated foil which whole of is supplied from foreign leading manufacturer of the sector, is laminated on the profiles according to the high quality standards in production lines with modern technology. The laminated foils, which are applied on coloured or White profiles, provide a different appearance, and are scratch-proof and have a high UV resistance.

The machinery, which is able to cover the visible two surfaces simultaneously, differentiates in the market with its sill profile coating capacity up to a width of 600 mm.

Arch Bending;

Production is carried out with flat profile moulding system and the arch or hemicycle forming machinery, by benefiting from the softening temperature within the hot glycerine bath, in order to make the laminated or White profiles to provide complete architectural solutions.

A difference is made in the sector in terms of customers by performing this treatment within the structure of the facility, forming the demands completely according to the customer demands, and having too many types.