Roller Shutter and Steel Shutter Systems

With Naturoll brand, Asaş meets the needs of all kinds of Roller Shutter Systems that are much demanded at international level, by combining its production at high quality standards and advanced technology with its knowledge and experience in the sector. With its wide range of products and customized solutions that meet the needs in the market; Naturoll leads the Roller Shutter sector.

With its Motoroll brand, ASAŞ, which aims to present the highest quality and the most appropriate solutions to its clients at all times, provides services in the field of tubular motors with various properties and capacities, receiver, remote control,wired and wireless button varieties and Roller Shutter-Commercial Door Automation.

ASAŞ is the only company in the world, which can make production of aluminum sheets, aluminum extrusion profiles, PVC extrusion profiles and accessories in its own integrated production facilities and which provides its clients with services without need for any supplier.